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This started as a poem, but is now a song on my CD "The Gift"·


How Jesus must weep and feel the pain

when someone on earth denies His Name

The sorrow He feels no-one can tell

when He sees a soul on the road to hell

He suffered and died, that soul to save

His life and His love, His all He gave

Salvation He gives, priceless yet free

“To all who believe and will follow Me”

He shed His blood, now He sheds His tears

for all the lost souls throughout the years

He weeps for YOU now, don’t waste a day

but come to your Saviour, while you may


As the Son of Man on earth He was born
In a lowly stable quite forlorn
And in Nazareth as a child He grew
These things came to pass, for me, for you

He preached to the people and brought the Word
The greatest tidings they ever heard
Salvation offered, a gift given free
Only believe Him, for you, for me

He healed all the sick and He raised the dead
Away from the curse of sin He led
He offered us life for eternity
The free gift of God, for you, for me

Betrayed in the garden and led away
His foes sought to kill our Lord that day
They smote Him, they mocked Him,
they flogged Him too
He suffered these things, for me, for you

They stripped and beat Him, put thorns on His head
And then to Calvary’s Cross they led
They jeered as our Lord was nailed to a tree
He hung and suffered, for you, for me

Then all the badness and all of the sin
In all the world, He took upon Him
And as God looked away, in pain He cried
Then for you, for me, our Saviour died

But He rose again upon the third day
For He is the Life, the Truth, the Way
Now He reigns in glory and majesty
He waits in heaven, for you, for me


Jesus is my friend,

He’s my friend to the very end

He’s the One who I can depend on

To always love me,

Always be my friend

Jesus is my Lord

He’s my Lord and I love His word

It’s the best word I’ve ever heard

I will always love Him

Always love my Lord

Jesus is my guide

Through the storm or the bumpy ride

All my life He is there beside me

He’ll always love me,

always be my guide

Jesus is the One

He’s the One, He’s the Only Son

Through the cross that He died upon

We can live for ever

Ever, with the Son

Inspired by the lighthouse in Torre del Mar, Spain


Just as the lighthouse sheds it’s beam

To keep all ships from harm

So Jesus came to light the world

And give us peace and calm

And as the oceans wipe the sand

To leave a cleaner shore

So Jesus came to wash away

Our sins for evermore


Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my friend
Through the good and bad times,
on Him I can depend
All my life He’s with me, sharing every day,
guiding and protecting,
my friend in every way

Jesus is my Saviour, He’s my Father too,
helping and correcting me
in everything I do
He’s my Great Advisor, my strength in every test,
my rock against all raging storms,
my Father, He’s the best
Jesus is my Saviour, my first love and my last,
Jesus is my present, my future and my past
He is love’s perfection, Him I do adore
Jesus is my first love,
now and evermore


You can’t go back and change the things

that brought grief to your heart

but He can wash away your past

and give you a new start

He knows your worst but sees your best

because He is your friend

He sees you as you will become

– with Him – until the end

He holds your life within His Hands,

your future He can see

Please pray this prayer from the heart

and be safe for eternity

“Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life.

I believe you died for me and

that your blood pays for my sins

and provides me with the gift of eternal life.

By faith I receive that gift

and I acknowledge You as my Lord and Saviour.




I may stumble but I will NOT fall

I may wander but I will NOT be lost

For my Lord upholds me with His Spirit

And guides me with His mighty hand

And I shall be safe,

and saved



                                                      To: Life everlasting

                                                      Venue: Heaven

                                                      Date: Now to eternity

                                                      Entry Price Free to you –

                                                      Jesus has paid the bill

R.S.V.P. - Please!



There’s life for you and life for me

A perfect life eternally

With no more sorrow and no more loss

There – in the shadow of the cross



O perfect Grace,

what perfect Love

What wondrous blessings

from above

To save a sinner

such as me

To change my life

and set me free



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